This update is in English, as I would like to share a letter that I have written to a young Iranian man, #KambizKharout, who has been sentenced to death. Kambiz is accused of “rebellion against God” and “corruption on earth” – and have had no opportunity to defend himself. I sincerely hope that they will stop the executions! #StopExecutionInIran
Dear Kambiz
I trust this letter finds you in the midst of challenging circumstances, and my intention is to convey my thoughts and support as you navigate these hard times. I hope these words provide a glimmer of connection and solace.
Understanding the depth of your struggle is beyond my ability, I extend my heartfelt sympathy and empathy for what you and your family are going through. I write to assure you that I do all I can towards seeking your release through diplomatic channels. Regardless of the accusations levied against you, the severity of the sentence imposed is unjustifiable. Your involvement in advocating for freedom through peaceful demonstrations is a testament to your courage, and it grieves me that this has led to such tragic consequences.
Comparing to your situation, my own sorrows feels insignificant. My concern pales in comparison to the despair you and your loved ones experience. At a similar age, my two sons encounter the typical challenges that accompany youth: pondering educational paths, contemplating future partnerships, and the practicality of independent living. Their concerns are undoubtedly valid, yet they remain a universe away from the life-altering predicament you face. I hold onto the hope that someday you might cross paths with them, exchanging stories and experiences that bridge the gap between your worlds.
Reflecting upon the words of a wise individual who once proclaimed that “the road to freedom is paved with courage and determination,” it becomes apparent that your actions are a testament to the brave spirit within you. Although your efforts have led to your current confinement, it is crucial to recognize that your fight has been on behalf of the collective freedom of Iran’s young populace. Your bravery serves as inspiration for others, even if the outcome has been different than what you hoped for.
I remain in my hope that justice will ultimately prevail. Your rightful place is not within prison walls, but in the embrace of freedom and autonomy. The choices that should occupy your thoughts should revolve around personal growth and aspirations for the future, rather than the haunting uncertainty of life or death.

As I pen down these words, know that they carry with them a sense of hope, strength, and the strong belief that your circumstances will transform. Until that day arrives, please take relief in the fact that there are many who stand beside you, advocating for your cause and holding you in their hearts.

With profound sincerity,